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Comic book in presentation.

Reminder Email
Explaining some history of KC, and why each element in the package that was sent to them.

Filled out before presentation.

  1. Justin Skywalker, 2. Princess Amanda, 3. My IPhone, 4. Expired Food, 5. Blue, 6. D.C.

Story Cover

The legend of Justin Skywalker
A sludge of expired food inched toward the sleeping Justin Skywalker. It curled its moldy fingers toward him, beckoning him to go under his bed. Justin Skywalker sat up in a sleepy daze and placed his feet on the hardwood floor, when suddenly, the slime wrapped around his ankles and started pulling him under the bed.

“No!” Justin Skywalker woke up with a start. “Oh, thank goodness it was just a dream,” he thought to himself as he reached for Princess Amanda who was at the other end of the bed.

But as he was reaching for her, the bed shook uncontrollably, and Princess Amanda rolled off!

“Princess Amanda! Where are you?” Justin Skywalker yelled as he peeked over the bed and looked at the floor.

She rolled under the bed…the place Justin Skywalker feared most, but he loved Princess Amanda and he had to save her. With all of the bravery he could muster, he took his iPhone and climbed down to the floor.

He switched on his iPhone and used his light to see what was under the bed. There was something green…something stinky. Justin Skywalker scrunched up his nose and reached for Princess Amanda.

Suddenly, the green, stinky glob, that looked like expired food, grabbed ahold of his iPhone and said in a low growling voice, “Give me this, I want to play Angry Birds. Then you can have your dear Princess Amanda.”

Justin Skywalker knew what he had to do, as he let go of his iPhone, the expired food, crept back under the bed and threw Princess Amanda into Justin Skywalker’s arms.

Justin Skywalker squeezed Princess Amanda. Her blue fur was so soft and fluffy, she was the best stuffed animal any kid could ask for and he was glad to have her back.

“I don’t think expired food will be bothering us anymore Princess Amanda,” said Justin Skywalker. “Now let’s go to sleep and dream of going to D.C.!”

Every year, C3 sends a gift to its clients. In the past, the gift was a year's worth of specially designed post cards. For the year of 2012 we made a calendar that contained perforated post cards. That way, our clients still had the luxury of "passing along thoughts". I've written all of the copy you see here.

This is one of two all-age books written for C3's client, Arby's. They were used for the premium in 2012.


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